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Back-to-School Tips & Savings with Planters Perks

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As summer comes to a close, it is time to start getting the kids ready for a new school year. Parents will begin shopping for all the materials their child will need to have a successful school year and be prepared to start learning on day one.

Back to SchoolHere are a few tips to help parents & students prepare:

1. Attire

  • Eyeglasses: Did you know that your Planters Perks and Planters Premium personal checking account can save you money on eye and medical prescriptions? Save even more money on back-to-school glasses or prescriptions for your child with Planters Perks!
  • Backpack: A child's backpack will be used daily and take a lot of wear and tear, so picking a durable backpack that will last the whole school year is a good idea. A good backpack will have broad straps and padding to keep a child's shoulders from experiencing too much pressure. Adjustable straps are also a plus because they allow the backpack to be adjusted to fit your child properly. Avoid backpacks that have fraying at the edges of its fabric, or have careless stitching, or exposed zippers. A child's backpack size should be proportional to their width. The backpack's height should range from two inches below the shoulders to the child's waist. A properly fitting backpack will keep a child from experiencing back and shoulder strain and pain.

2. Take inventory

There are likely leftover or re-usable school supplies around the house from previous school years. Set aside time to figure out what you already have versus genuinely need. Determine what is still usable for another school year versus what needs to be sold, donated, or discarded.

  • Take any outgrown or no longer needed, gently used items to a local consignment store to sell or donate to a local charity.
  • For those with high school or college students, we encourage you to purchase used textbooks when possible and sell any previous years' textbooks that are no longer needed.

Skip the August shopping rush by having kids use what they already have for the first few weeks of school. By waiting a few weeks until after school starts, you'll also be able to take advantage of Labor Day sales as well as back-to-school clearance deals. It is likely to still be warm outside when school starts, so you can also get away with wearing summer clothes. Waiting to shop will give kids a chance to see what's really in style and want to wear this year and if any additional supplies are really necessary.

3. Create a budget

Once all the school supplies needs are clear, it is time to make a budget. Not only should items for the school supply list be accounted for, but also items like seasonal clothing and shoes, backpacks and lunchboxes, electronics, and special equipment for after-school activities such as sports, music etc.

Take a look at the entire school year to ensure a comprehensive budget is developed to cover all the expenses that might occur over the year. Planters Perks has your extended vacation, and holiday shopping deals and discounts covered. Just download and open your Planters Perks app and tap the tile for Deals to see how—and where—you can save!

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4. Look for bargains, use coupons & leverage student discounts all year long.

Utilize student discounts whenever possible, particularly when purchasing expensive items (computers, tablets, printers, etc.) Planters Perks offers coupons from Apple, HP, and JCPenney that will help you ace everything on your shopping list!

SAVER'S TIP: Do Extra Credit at Home. We wanted to remind you about educational deals and discounts from Planters Perks like Early Learning Academy, Adventure Academy, and others who will help keep your little learners on track for the new school year!

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