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Middle Georgia Community Food Bank

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Planters First Bank’s leadership team is made up of experienced and local professionals ready to get to know you, your family, and your business. We believe in volunteering, making an impact, and leaving the world just a little bit better than we found it. And we don’t hesitate to celebrate the accomplishments of our employees, customers, and community members—because it energizes all parties. Our goal is to help you succeed - because when you succeed, we succeed.

Congratulations to Middle Georgia Community Food Bank on your upcoming expansions!

Board members, employees, and city leaders came together on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, to break ground for the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank expansion. The project will use around $2 million in COVID Relief funds awarded by Macon-Bibb County. Set to be completed by mid-2023, the expansion will go through three phases: the parking lot expansion, existing building renovations, and building expansion to better serve our communities.

President and CEO of Middle Georgia Community Food Bank, Kathy McCollum, stated, "There's always been a need for food assistance, but the COVID pandemic really highlighted that it increased the number of people who were seeking assistance and just made life tougher for those already in need...the additional space will allow us to have more staff be more effective in working with those agencies."

MGCFB serves 24 counties in middle Georgia. The combined population in the MGCFB service area is 670,613, and the 24 counties cover an 8,341 square mile area. It is estimated that 102,080 people in our area are food insecure, including 31,460 children.

“I'm honored to serve on the board of such an important organization that helps our communities.” – said Sheila Lanier, Macon Branch Manager, Planters First Bank.

About Middle Georgia Community Food Bank

MGCFB’s mission is to provide the maximum amount of food possible to our participating food pantries at the lowest possible cost in order to reach the maximum number of hungry neighbors in need. MGCFB is a Feeding America food bank and a member of the Georgia Food Bank Association Contact MGCFB by phone at (478) 742-3958 or by email at INFO@MGCFB.ORG.


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