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Mobile Deposit Enhancement

Our Mobile Deposit activity screen was recently enhanced to show the status of your Mobile Deposit.

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    • Pending, Accepted, and Declined statuses will now be shown next to a recent deposit.This enhancement will match the information that we currently send via email regarding the status of your deposit. Mobile deposits will continue to be displayed in your Account Activity screen but the Recent Activity section within the deposit function will start afresh after the enhancement on June 23rd.

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Video Banking

Planters First Bank is proud to be the FIRST bank in Georgia to offer Video Banking

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    • This is truly the perfect combination of personal banking and technology. To get started please download the App from our website or click here.
    • Click here to start a Video Banking session with one of our AWESOME Bankers. Video Banking allows you to interact face to face with your local Georgia banker for various reasons. Some of the most popular include opening new accounts, demonstrating products/service such as now to enroll in online banking services, capturing your signature electronically on address changes, signature cards, etc., or just because you miss seeing your PFB banker.

Start a Video Banking Call

IE Discontinued

Internet Explorer Discontinued

Due to support issues with Internet Explorer as of January 1, 2021 you will need to change from Internet Explorer to a supported browser to be able to access your Online Banking.

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    • If you are currently using Internet Explorer, we recommend you switch to the latest version of Microsoft Edge or another supported browser. If you are using legacy Microsoft Edge (any version of Edge less than 70), we recommend upgrading to the newer version or switching to another supported browser.
    • Supported Browsers: Microsoft Edge (any version 70 and above), Firefox, Safari (Apple/Mac Users only), Google Chrome
    • If you have questions or need assistance please give us a call at 1-833-732-8351.
    • OS and browsers not supported by Planters Bank may be used; however, they may prevent users from accessing an application or cause some features to function improperly. For maximum security and optimal usability, Planters Bank recommends using the latest supported versions of OS and browsers.