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I recently submitted a cellphone protection claim, and the process was so easy! I submitted my claim on 8/11/2021, and I got my reimbursement check on 8/20/2021 in the mail. It was easier than what I expected. I love my Planters Perks App!!

Daisy G.

Over the years, I’ve found that getting older isn’t quite as hard as going to the pharmacy and picking up prescriptions. Every year they go higher and higher. One day recently, I got a text from my pharmacy that I had a prescription ready for $18. I complained and whined about that $18 all day. After work, I picked up the prescription, found out it was a new drug, and I had saved $595. So thanks to BaZing AGAIN for saving the day. $18 won’t ever sound so bad again.

Carolyn J.

The rising cost of gas and other things are really getting out of hand but thanks to Planters Perks I saved, $1.60 per gallon

Cindy B.

My coworker went through a terrible experience of getting his identity hacked. I signed up for BaZing about an hour later and immediately tried ID Protection and was so surprised. So easy to use, and I received immediate valuable information on my own identity. EVERYONE should use this!


I was in our bank, and one of the tellers overheard me say that I was putting new carpet in my house. She called me later that day to tell me that there was a coupon on BaZing to save on carpet from our hometown carpet dealer. I ended up saving $120.53! Thanks, BaZing!

Becky B.

My dog struggles with seizures and was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and put on medicine. The seizure medicine has to be picked up at a drug store. The medication was $63 a month, so I asked if I could use my BaZing health savings card even though it was for a dog. She entered it in, and it brought the total down to $16 a month!

Kayla D.

I used the Kohl’s deal for 15% off a $100 purchase. Not only did they take the 15% off, but they also honored my 20% off coupon I had and applied some Kohl’s cash. It turned out to be an outstanding deal.

Michael D

I was running errands after church when my car would not start. I decided to use the roadside assistance service offered through my checking account. I was so pleased! I called the number and spoke to a representative right away. The towing company arrived 15 minutes earlier than promised, and I did not have to pay anything. The whole process was easy, fast, and exceeded my expectations! Thanks, BaZing!


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