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Taxes, Loans, and Credit Cards Oh My!

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Personal finance is as important as ever these days! We’d like to share the three top tips for dealing with taxes, loans, and credit cards.

Plan. Find a really good accountant or when you file with a tax preparer, they should have great info for how to best manage your taxes for the next year. Conduct personal finance planning meetings to evaluate changes in your life. (baby, college, retirement)

Pay it off! Simple, but true. Debt is only good if you’re looking to build a good credit rating. Ask any financial professional and they’ll tell you simply lowering your debt is one of the best financial moves you can make. And never co-sign a loan, unless you’re willing to take on that debt too.

Credit Cards:
Check your Credit Score regularly. Like annually. Be sure the info is correct and accurate. But also be aware of any new loans or credit checks. Even if your credit card offers monitoring, it’s a wise move to check it yourself annually. Protect your credit! Any bad issue can be a hassle to resolve. Stay on top and stay in control!

There you have it. A few smart tips to keep in mind when dealing with your taxes, loans and credit cards. Be informed about your money. Find trust resources that can help you save money, pay down debt and invest for your financial future.


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