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At Planters First Bank, we're dedicated to helping people understand money better. We focus on youth development and financial education to give back to our communities. We know managing money can be tough for both kids and adults.

Teach Kids to Save

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At Planters First Bank, we recognize the significance of financial literacy in fostering prosperous futures. Empowering individuals with the tools to understand and manage their finances is paramount, starting from a young age. That's why we are proud participants in the ABA Foundation’s Teach Children to Save Program, a national initiative designed to cultivate financial knowledge among children in grades K-8.

So, what exactly is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the knowledge and skills required to make informed and effective decisions about money. It goes beyond a simple understanding of currency and transactions and includes budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and financial planning. Essentially, it's about having the competence to confidently navigate the complex landscape of personal finance.

Teaching children about money management early on is crucial. It lays the foundation for responsible financial habits and instills a sense of confidence in handling monetary matters. By introducing concepts like saving, budgeting, and distinguishing needs from wants, children develop a fundamental understanding of the value of money and the importance of making wise financial choices.

However, financial literacy isn't just for kids. It's an ongoing journey that continues into adulthood. Managing money as an adult can be daunting, especially without the necessary knowledge and skills. That's why we believe in providing resources and support to individuals of all ages, equipping them with the tools needed to navigate the financial landscape successfully.

At Planters First Bank, our commitment to the community extends beyond banking services. We see ourselves as partners in the journey towards financial well-being, offering educational workshops, online resources, and personalized guidance to help individuals achieve their financial goals. By investing in youth development and financial education, we aim to empower our communities to thrive financially, now and in the future.

Below are links to helpful teaching tools provided by the ABA Foundation.

Is your child working on learning the difference between needs and wants? Use this coloring sheet from ABA's Teach Children To Save program to help! Download it here:

Looking for a way to make saving fun for your child? Use these printable Savings Jar Wraps from ABA's Teach Children To Save program to help them decorate a savings jar! Download the activity here:

Complete with a maze and a word search, ABA Money Talks Newsletter makes it fun to Teach Children To Save. Download your copy here:

Anytime is the right time to begin teaching children about money, and ABA has tips that can help parents teach money skills at home. Find them here: How soon is too soon to talk to your kids or grandkids about money? If they're old enough to ask for a toy or a bike, they're old enough to start learning financial lessons that will last a lifetime! ABA offers some examples of teachable moments to help you get started: Are you looking for new ways to Teach Children To Save? ABA's Road to Financial Responsibility tip sheet offers pointers for parents at every stage. Download it here:
Looking for entertaining reads that help Teach Children To Save? ABA recommends the following book titles to inspire students of all ages to become strong readers and smart money managers: Looking for a fun way to Teach Children To Save and explore careers in banking? Try this Bankers and You Bingo Game from ABA. Find instructions and printable bingo sheets here: Has your child ever considered becoming a banker? Use this You Could Be a Banker Infographic from ABA's Teach Children To Save program to introduce young people to the possibility of a career in banking:

Do you think your child could be interested in a career in banking someday? Use this activity from ABA's Teach Children To Save program to help them learn about the excitement the world of banking can bring:

See what Silly Sam has to say about saving! Planters First Bank is a proud participant in ABA's Teach Children To Save program. We're excited to join banks across the country in helping elementary and middle schoolers in our community learn good savings habits.


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