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At Planters First Bank, we're dedicated to helping people understand money better. We focus on youth development and financial education to give back to our communities. We know managing money can be tough for both kids and adults.

Turn your card on and off with Card Management

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Our debit cardholders will now get the same security features and fraud prevention within your Planters First Bank Online & Mobile Banking. No need to download a separate app or remember another password!

What you can do with Card Management...

  • Turn your card on and off
  • Set per-transaction spending limits based on various factors such as dollar amount, transaction type, or merchant type
  • Receive alerts on all transaction attempts declined
  • Set other instant alerts on all or select transactions
  • Set a location boundary where the card can be used
  • Set parental or employer controls and monitoring
  • Receive Text Notification

It’s just another way Planters First Bank helps you safely and securely manage your money.

Here’s how to set up Card Management Controls:

  1. Go to the Planters First Bank Mobile Banking app dashboard and select “Accounts,” then select the appropriate account
  2. Go to “Card Management” and choose a card
  3. Finally, tap “Alerts and Protection” and choose the controls you would like to apply to that card

Your Cards, on Your Terms.

Click here to learn more about Debit Card Security with Planters First Bank.


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