We have your all-access pass to self-serve transactions including online and in-store purchases, ATM cash withdrawals and more.

Explore your new Planters First Bank Discover® Debit card benefits:

  • Zero-Liability Protection You're guarded against unauthorized use of your Planters First Bank debit card.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Scans the dark web and notifies you if your personal information has been exposed.
  • Credit Monitoring Detects and alerts you of suspicious activity the moment it's noticed.
  • FICO® Score View your FICO Score and understand the factors that affect it.


Added confidence to every payment

Your chip Planters First Bank Discover debit cards come with added security whether you’re making a payment at a retailer or using a chip-enabled ATM. When a chip card is inserted into a chip card reader, the chip produces a single-use code to validate the transaction, making it harder for criminals to create a counterfeit card.

If a retailer hasn’t switched to a new chip card reader, don’t worry. Your card still has a magnetic stripe for use at traditional readers.