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Spring cleaning your finances doesn't have to be a chore!

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With Planters First Bank Online & Mobile Banking, you can organize and clean up your finances with these easy steps! From your desktop or your mobile device, you can manage your finances and start working on achieving your financial goals this spring.

Check out these simple steps to help organize and spring clean your finances:

  • Review your financial goals: Are you planning to buy a new car or a home this year? Our Online & Mobile Banking can help you reach your goals
  • Take advantage of personal financial tools: Stay connected and in control all year long online or from a mobile device
  • Savings: Adjust your direct deposit to match your goals this year — can you put more in your savings account?
  • Set up Alerts: When you set up alerts to keep track of your finances you are easily able to stay on top of low balances and knowing when and where your card is being used will give you peace of mind
  • Automatic Payments: Setting up automatic payments allows you to free up your most precious resource - your time
  • Sign up for electronic statements: You'll not only save paper and help the environment but electronic statements are easier to organize than paper statements and are just a click away on your desktop or mobile device
  • Track your spending: Set up a budget and figure out your spending habits — are you using those memberships? How much do you spend eating out?
  • Organize your accounts: Connect all your accounts and get the full picture of your finances with easy-to-understand charts and custom flow calendars

You can do it all right from your tablet, phone or laptop.

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